Saarbrücken – 94. Grand Chapitre d´Allemagne


Saarbrücken, May 30 - June 1, 2019
Themed 'Live like God in France'
"Under a sunny sky many happy, contented members enjoyed three wonderful days in friendship and harmony "

The 94th Grand Chapitre of the National Bailliage was themed “Live like God in France”. This German saying reflects the way of life in this small Federal State of Saarland. Its proximity to France influences the cuisine and the culture. On the other hand it was always a very industrial area, the World Heritage site “Völklinger Hütte” is proof of this. The natural monument “Saarschleife” shows the River Saar in its original channel.

Saarbrücken, capital and largest city of Saarland, was created in 1909 by the merger of three towns, Saarbrücken, St. Johann, and Malstatt-Burbach. It was the industrial and transport centre of the Saar coal basin. Historic landmarks in the city include the stone bridge across the Saar (dating from 1546), the Gothic church of St. Arnual, the 18th-century Saarbrücken Castle, and the old part of the town, the Sankt Johanner Markt (Market of St. Johann).

The Saarland cuisine leaves nothing to be desired. Several Michelin-starred Chefs enchanted our palates. Their menus were accompanied by the wines from the many winemakers of the region.

Bailli Dr Gander and his officers planned the programme for this Grand Chapitre with its excursions, dinners and visits. Chefs and winemakers are long-standing members and supporters of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. That their expertise and products should strongly feature in the events was never in question.

The Gala Dinner took place in the Palace of Saarbrucken. It was preceded by the Induction Ceremony presided over by Michel Cottray, Member Honoraire of the Conseil Magistral and Bailli Délégué Honoraire of France, who was accompanied by his wife Heike, a former Bailli Délégué of the Principality of Monaco. They had travelled from Brussels and were warmly welcomed by Klaus Tritschler, Member of the Conseil d’Administration and Bailli Délégué of Germany.

Under a sunny sky many happy, contented members enjoyed three wonderful days in friendship and harmony.

Vive la Chaîne!


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