95. Grand Chapitre d´Allemagne

in Berlin 

Berlin is not only by square meters and inhabitants the biggest city in Germany it is also the Capital with numerous Gourvernment offices, Embassies and the „Deutsche Bundestag“. It is proud of four universities, renowned museums, operas, theaters, the „Philharmonie“ with its famous ochestra and four sites belonging to the World Heritage. The Berlin Zoo in the very heart of the city offers the greatest number of species worldwide and is adjacent to the biggest green area in Europe. Due to the former separation the City still licks the wounds in East and West. The level of science, research, industry and global fairs combined with an extraordinary culinary variety attracts millions of visitors. There  might be areas that seem posh or extravagant, yet the city is also a motor for innovation and creativity.

What asks for a lot of patience is the opening of the new airport BER Schönefeld which will definitely not be finished in time for our Chapitre.  Berlin has endured a lot in passed times and will wait patiently for this result!


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